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About Us

About Us

SandF was formed following various meetings of Senior and Junior Brethren in 2013.

Our key objectives are to aid membership, encourage visiting and promote freemasonry in general.

SandF IT is a digital arm of – “Freemasons Lodge and Event Finder”.

Our aim is to provide “Cost Effective Digital Solutions” for Freemason Lodges via our on-line service proposition.

“Team IT ” have specially designed and developed a series of adaptable professional website templates exclusively for Freemason’s Craft, Royal Arch, Mark Lodges and all side orders for a fixed fee.


What We do


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Why SandF?

Exclusively designed for Freemason’s by a brother, promoting freemasonry in general

We aready have a website with another provider, how can you help?

No problem, we will help you rebrand, update your site, make it look professional, modern, copy over currant content, seamlessly move the site across . We take care of all; ensure its stress free from start to finish. Remembering  you new site is totally adaptable, no need to start all over.

What if I need further help?

No problem, you can reach us on email, our aim is respond within 24 hours with the exception on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Are their any hidden charges?

No hidden charges, totally transparent fix cost digital solutions.

How do I get started?

Click on the register now or Free trail button , which ever it the appropriate or email info

Are you are furthering your own commercial interests by reference to your Masonic status, may be viewed as outside of acceptable behavior?

The purpose of the site is not for any pecuniary purpose.

Key objective is to simply promote freemasonry in general via a “free app” and website templates at fix cost designed exclusively for Freemasons.

In our view we provide a better quality product along with our service proposition, all for a one off fee of £79.99 plus 20.00 per annum renewal – Hosting / Admin Fee.

We feel this represents excellent value for money. If successful our objective is raise funds for arms and charity, this has already been discussed at last our committee meeting, it’s too early to predict – project numbers.

Rest assured, all our payments on line via paypal, secure payment gateway and accounted separately.

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